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KC line is the first step in the evolution of a set of products that KC Solutions has developed to create integrated solutions for keratoconus. These will be available at a worldwide market for eye care professionals. We count with a broad range of products and innovative services: we have improved the current existing instrumental sets which are used in surgery for both manual and laser techniques. These improvements have been done as advised by experienced ophthalmologists. In addition, we offer a highly innovative service, providing our doctors with surgical plans and professional care, by offering prescription guarantee.


Surgical plan

We have been evaluating surgical plans for more than 10 years. During this period of time we have been perfectioning our plans and predictability. We will keep working all together to improve the existing results. In addition, KC Solutions provides an exclusive guarantee prescription service. Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you need a segment replacement.


The KC Solutions website is the place where all professionals which are involved in Keratoconus can communicate. It is also the way to get informed about KC Solutions news all around the world.
Dr. Ramon Naranjo Tackman
Dr. Ramon Naranjo Tackman Instituto Nacional de Oftalmología, México.

As part of an ongoing interaction between investigation and the ophthalmologic industry, I have found that KC Solutions values the ideas and concepts I have gained through the years that I have been working on the Keratoconus area.

Our web is a place for patients and professionals to interact. We count with a Virtual area which encloses a vast and detailed amount of information about Keratoconus, establishing ourselves as a reference on professional online consulting. Accredited doctors will enjoy a series of specialized services:furthermore, they will be promoted and geolocated in order to be seen by all the patients from all over the world who are interested in the treatment.
Distributors will have a series of tools and services to improve and make their work easier. Moreover, its important to emphasize our role in the social media network. A dynamic source of actualized informa- tion, news, collaboration projects, new products and services.